[][src]Function ncollide2d::pipeline::glue::perform_broad_phase

pub fn perform_broad_phase<N: RealField, Objects>(
    objects: &Objects,
    broad_phase: &mut impl BroadPhase<N, AABB<N>, Objects::CollisionObjectHandle> + ?Sized,
    narrow_phase: &mut NarrowPhase<N, Objects::CollisionObjectHandle>,
    interactions: &mut InteractionGraph<N, Objects::CollisionObjectHandle>,
    pair_filters: Option<&impl BroadPhasePairFilter<N, Objects::CollisionObject, Objects::CollisionObjectHandle> + ?Sized>
) where
    Objects: CollisionObjectSet<N>, 

Performs the broad-phase.

This will update the broad-phase internal structure, and create potential interaction pairs in the interaction graph. A pair_filters can be provided to filter out pairs of object that should not be considered.