[][src]Struct ncollide2d::query::visitors::AABBSetsInterferencesCollector

pub struct AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N: 'a + RealField, T: 'a> {
    pub ls_m2: &'a Isometry<N>,
    pub ls_m2_abs_rot: &'a Matrix<N>,
    pub tolerence: N,
    pub collector: &'a mut Vec<(T, T)>,

Spatial partitioning data structure visitor collecting interferences with a given bounding volume.


ls_m2: &'a Isometry<N>

The transform from the local-space of the second bounding volumes to the local space of the first.

ls_m2_abs_rot: &'a Matrix<N>

The absolute value of the rotation matrix representing ls_m2.rotation.

Equals to ls_m2.rotation.to_rotation.matrix().matrix().abs().

tolerence: N

A tolerance applied to the interference tests.

AABB pairs closer than tolerance will be reported as intersecting.

collector: &'a mut Vec<(T, T)>

The data contained by the nodes with bounding volumes intersecting self.bv.


impl<'a, N: RealField, T> AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T>[src]

pub fn new(
    tolerence: N,
    ls_m2: &'a Isometry<N>,
    ls_m2_abs_rot: &'a Matrix<N>,
    collector: &'a mut Vec<(T, T)>
) -> AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T>

Creates a new AABBSetsInterferencesCollector.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a, N: RealField, T: Clone> SimultaneousVisitor<T, AABB<N>> for AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a, N, T> RefUnwindSafe for AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T> where
    N: RefUnwindSafe + Scalar,
    T: RefUnwindSafe

impl<'a, N, T> Send for AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T> where
    N: Scalar,
    T: Send

impl<'a, N, T> Sync for AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T> where
    N: Scalar,
    T: Sync

impl<'a, N, T> Unpin for AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T> where
    N: Scalar + Unpin

impl<'a, N, T> !UnwindSafe for AABBSetsInterferencesCollector<'a, N, T>

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