Trait ncollide3d::narrow_phase::ContactManifoldGenerator[][src]

pub trait ContactManifoldGenerator<N: Real>: Any + Send + Sync {
    fn update(
        &mut self,
        dispatcher: &ContactDispatcher<N>,
        ida: usize,
        ma: &Isometry<N>,
        a: &Shape<N>,
        idb: usize,
        mb: &Isometry<N>,
        b: &Shape<N>,
        prediction: &ContactPrediction<N>,
        id_alloc: &mut IdAllocator
    ) -> bool;
fn num_contacts(&self) -> usize;
fn contacts<'a: 'b, 'b>(&'a self, out: &'b mut Vec<&'a ContactManifold<N>>); }

Trait implemented algorithms that compute contact points, normals and penetration depths.

Required Methods

Runs the collision detection on two objects. It is assumed that the same collision detector (the same structure) is always used with the same pair of object.

The number of contacts found.

Collects the contact manifolds generated by the last update.