[][src]Trait ncollide2d::utils::IsometryOps

pub trait IsometryOps<N: RealField> {
    fn absolute_transform_vector(&self, v: &Vector<N>) -> Vector<N>;
fn inverse_transform_unit_vector(
        v: &Unit<Vector<N>>
    ) -> Unit<Vector<N>>;
fn lerp_slerp(&self, other: &Self, t: N) -> Self; }

Extra operations with isometries.

Required methods

fn absolute_transform_vector(&self, v: &Vector<N>) -> Vector<N>

Transform a vector by the absolute value of the homogeneous matrix equivalent to self.

fn inverse_transform_unit_vector(&self, v: &Unit<Vector<N>>) -> Unit<Vector<N>>

Transform a unit vector by the inverse of self.

fn lerp_slerp(&self, other: &Self, t: N) -> Self

Interpolates between two isometries, using LERP for the translation part and SLERP for the rotation part.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<N: RealField> IsometryOps<N> for Isometry2<N>[src]

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