[][src]Enum ncollide3d::partitioning::BestFirstVisitStatus

pub enum BestFirstVisitStatus<N, Res> {
    Continue {
        cost: N,
        result: Option<Res>,

The next action to be taken by a BVH traversal algorithm after having visited a node with some data.



The traversal continues recursively, associating the given cost to the visited node and some associated result.

Fields of Continue

cost: N

The cost associated to this node.

result: Option<Res>

The result, if any, associated to this cost.


The traversal does not continue recursively on the visited node's children.


The traversal aborts.

If a data is provided, then it is returned as the result of the traversal. If no result is provided, then the last best result found becomes the result of the traversal.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N, Res> RefUnwindSafe for BestFirstVisitStatus<N, Res> where
    N: RefUnwindSafe,
    Res: RefUnwindSafe

impl<N, Res> Send for BestFirstVisitStatus<N, Res> where
    N: Send,
    Res: Send

impl<N, Res> Sync for BestFirstVisitStatus<N, Res> where
    N: Sync,
    Res: Sync

impl<N, Res> Unpin for BestFirstVisitStatus<N, Res> where
    N: Unpin,
    Res: Unpin

impl<N, Res> UnwindSafe for BestFirstVisitStatus<N, Res> where
    N: UnwindSafe,
    Res: UnwindSafe

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