[][src]Function ncollide3d::query::algorithms::gjk::closest_points

pub fn closest_points<N, G1: ?Sized, G2: ?Sized>(
    m1: &Isometry<N>,
    g1: &G1,
    m2: &Isometry<N>,
    g2: &G2,
    max_dist: N,
    exact_dist: bool,
    simplex: &mut VoronoiSimplex<N>
) -> GJKResult<N> where
    N: RealField,
    G1: SupportMap<N>,
    G2: SupportMap<N>, 

Projects the origin on a shape using the Separating Axis GJK algorithm. The algorithm will stop as soon as the polytope can be proven to be at least max_dist away from the origin.


  • simplex - the simplex to be used by the GJK algorithm. It must be already initialized with at least one point on the shape boundary.
  • exact_dist - if false, the gjk will stop as soon as it can prove that the origin is at a distance smaller than max_dist but not inside of shape. In that case, it returns a GJKResult::Proximity(sep_axis) where sep_axis is a separating axis. If false the gjk will compute the exact distance and return GJKResult::Projection(point) if the origin is closer than max_dist but not inside shape.