[][src]Struct ncollide3d::query::RayIntersection

pub struct RayIntersection<N: RealField> {
    pub toi: N,
    pub normal: Vector<N>,
    pub feature: FeatureId,
    pub uvs: Option<Point2<N>>,

Structure containing the result of a successful ray cast.


toi: N

The time of impact of the ray with the object. The exact contact point can be computed with: ray.point_at(toi) or equivalently origin + dir * toi where origin is the origin of the ray; dir is its direction and toi is the value of this field.

normal: Vector<N>

The normal at the intersection point.

If the toi is exactly zero, the normal might not be reliable.

feature: FeatureId

Feature at the intersection point.

uvs: Option<Point2<N>>

The textures coordinates at the intersection point. This is an Option because some shape do not support texture coordinates.


impl<N: RealField> RayIntersection<N>[src]

pub fn new_with_uvs(
    toi: N,
    normal: Vector<N>,
    feature: FeatureId,
    uvs: Option<Point2<N>>
) -> RayIntersection<N>

Creates a new RayIntersection.

pub fn new(toi: N, normal: Vector<N>, feature: FeatureId) -> RayIntersection<N>[src]

Creates a new RayIntersection.

Trait Implementations

impl<N: Clone + RealField> Clone for RayIntersection<N>[src]

impl<N: Copy + RealField> Copy for RayIntersection<N>[src]

impl<N: Debug + RealField> Debug for RayIntersection<N>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N> RefUnwindSafe for RayIntersection<N> where
    N: RefUnwindSafe + Scalar

impl<N> Send for RayIntersection<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Sync for RayIntersection<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Unpin for RayIntersection<N> where
    N: Scalar + Unpin

impl<N> UnwindSafe for RayIntersection<N> where
    N: Scalar + UnwindSafe

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